It has a Large Print format so Visually Impaired & Legally Blind individuals can read a text message sent from the app.

This is Great for older 'Senior Citizens'.

We have just released BlindContact 7

on Window's Phones that allows Visually Impaired people to send Text messages.

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Our website is or contact for additional information.

In the future we will be releasing additional Apps & Games for Android & iPhones as well. Right now we are limited to products for the Windows Phones.

Pass the word along!

Seems word is spreading. Recently we got a request for linking to a Macular Degeneration Support site.

"Assistive Technology Products For MD People

An Up-To-The-Minute Directory of Links to

Providers of Devices and Software

Maintained by Macular Degeneration Support

with assistance from Michael Fischer, O.D., F.A.A.O."

See their website for a comprehensive list of similar software and products.