Donations and other Financial Considerations...

Our commitement to our users is we will be providing our Phone Apps that use Jehovah's name for free. We will not be using in-app Ads in products that use Jehovah's name..

HOWEVER, we are thinking about using AdSense, or some other service to host ads on our Website. Might sell T-shirts and consider other possibilities. We are unsure what sort of ads will be displayed, but this is a ways off. Haven Studios wants to make it clear it does not directly support any ads displayed it is merely hosting them...

Jehovah's Bible

Jehovah's Word Daily

Jehovah's Songbook

Once the Windows 8 Microsoft Store opens up we will be selling a Tablet version called the Kingdom Helper which includes all this material and has much more planned. The amount is nominal and should around what other useful apps sell for.

The current plan is to release the Apps on the Window s Phone 7.1 for free. This should include the following:

Financial Info

Coming Soon...

Thanks for taking the time to read and support our efforts. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.