Frequently Asked Questions:

Fonts are WAY too big.

We are building out tools and material for people who cannot see. We value accessibility, but in this case, its your normal accessibility that is overwhelmed with large fonts and text. We are adding in features to make it useful for all, but please be patient with us.


Right now we are concentrating on Windows development. We have plans to expand into other platforms. Please provide us feedback if you have a preference for a device or platform.

Whats happening Now?

We are developing our technology and code base. We are currently in a closed beta for the Windows Phone 7.1 apps.

If you are interested in joining this beta and have a Windows 7.1 data phone and a Windows Live account. Please email our support department for access Support @ HavenStudios . net


We just submitted our first app for certification and it passed on April 8th 2013. Link is in the main landing page for BlindContact7


Its still a very valid question. We feel for people who can't access important information and tools. Considering that many people love to stay in contact, but have a tough time reading standard print. We are in the process of providing a digital format for text messages and other formats soon in a larger form factor. Even those who may not need these larger form fonts and tools, might appreciate the ease of use of a phone or a tablet.


We will be expanding this website and our mobile site as well as expanding into other platforms. I know a variety of features are still not available and more features have been requested. We are constantly thinking about the future and hope to have more to share soon.